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Our Experience

We have 13 years of experience translating technical, legal, editorial and medical documents.

Our Philosophy

"Treat them as you wish to be treated" We will always try to put ourselves in the place of our clients to give you the results you want.


Advanced Services

Design Area

The design area is from graphic design to editorial design. To accomplish everything said before we count with cartoonists, illuminators, animators, editorial designers with experience on magazines and books, and a lot more, for offer you the best catalog in integral services that you need.

Forget about the understanding between the designer and the printer; here we all understand each other very well and we’ll give you the final product without the suffering process that can be for you.

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Web Design

On this globalized world with technology, we don’t know from which part of the planet we are going to get a visitor, which make us have our website in two languages at least, English and Spanish. We don’t only translate your website, we offer you design it, host it and keep it. We design from the most complex to the most basic, like this website that is a Content Manager, easy use for anyone who can use Word. It may content web systems like the e-commerce module, where you can pay your translations, save them and see your record, also like the project manager, where we give you an username and where you may check the translations status with dynamic Gant Diagrams and the best, from any computer in the world!

When we say globalization and automation, we are not kidding!

If you want to see some of our final works visit www.tuhospedaje.com.mx

Print Division

Other of our advantages is that we count with printing service. Everything that you need to design, translate and the print, we do it all! We offer you the service on digital printing for short print runs and offset for long print runs.

Digital Print

This type of printing is really useful for a small amount of books and magazines. The difference is that the ink goes on the paper; it means that you’ll see closely how the color is on the paper, which it gives a different texture. The colors are very bright and with alive color-scheme.

The paper may be couché (the one on magazines), bond (not very recommendable) and in general paper that not overweight the 200 g.

Off Set Print

If you want to print more than five thousand, flyers, this is the options, because the costs go down amazingly. The ink is absorbed by the paper, the colors look really alive, we may also use direct ink application, which means that if you need an specific color of the pantone, we equal the color that you want.

The paper can change as much as your imagination. If the paper that you need is very thick (like cardboards more than 10mm thick), we have other options, but don’t worry everything is printable.

Graphic Design

Let’s imagine that your document is a comic and you don’t have the digital files but only the original comic and you have to print a 10,000 print run for 3 weeks (and in Spanish!!!)

Don’t worry, give us your comic. The cartoonist will digitalize everything to make a storyboard in Illustrator, meanwhile the translation department capture all the texts and translate them and giving them back to the design department where another expert designer will get together your comic in InDesign and will leave it ready for the printing. We’ll give you a PDF file for your final check, once approved we send it to the printing department and we’ll have your prints ready and in time. When we finish the work we deliver it to you where tell us.

Let’s also imagine that you have a science book with pictures on top and in the mother tongue but you don’t have the original electronic file. You may breath peacefully we do everything and you’ll have our back up with the excellency of our work.

From the idea to a full online experience

Send us your documents to be able to make a quote, you will be surprised at how easy and fast we work.

Manage Teams

The project manager will coordinate all those involved in your project.

Team Activity

You can follow the flow of your project through our project manager or by email notifications.

Manage Projects

We use Project Fork as our project manager software.

Real-Time Communication

You can always call or write us to know the status of your project.

Project Statistics

We manage statistics of your projects, repeated phrases, catalog of terms and much more.

Unlimted Sharing

Whenever you want, we will keep your translations for up to 10 years, in case you need a copy.

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